Hayward® PVC CVH Series Actuator Ready Profile2 Proportional Control True Union Ball Valves with FPM O-rings

Hayward® PVC PROFILE2 actuator ready ball valves are available in 1/2"-6" sizes having FPM O-rings and PTFE seats. Provides two linear flow curves - one for fast opening, and one for slow opening. The slow opening is shipped standard with fast open available on request.

This TBH series valve body has an ISO 5211 mounting pad, so if you would like to use your own actuator, all you require is a shaft coupling (9, 11 or 14mm) as any actuator having an ISO 5211 mount will connect directly to the valve. Please contact us so we can offer the correct coupling.

   CVH series PVC true union ball valve socket and threaded connections


  • Valve repair without breaking down pipeline

  • Full port design

  • System2 sealing technology

  • Lockout/Tagout mechanism securing

  • Ergonomic handle

  • Reversible PTFE seats

  • Double o-ring stem seals

  • NSF/ANSI 61 and NSF/ANSI 372 listed

  • ISO 5211 mounting pad

  • Permanent markings

  • 250 psi non-shock at 70°F full pressure rating


  • Stem extensions

  • Manual limit switch or spring return handle


  • Supplied with both connections

  • *4" valve venturied to 6"

½" Socket/Threaded CVH1050ASTVKA00
Flanged CVH1050A0FVKA00
¾" Socket/Threaded CVH1075ASTVKA00
Flanged CVH1075A0FVKA00
1" Socket/Threaded CVH1100ASTVKA00
Flanged CVH1100A0FVKA00
2" Socket/Threaded CVH1200ASTVKA00
Flanged CVH1200A0FVKA00
  Socket CVH1300A0SVKA00
3" Threaded CVH1300A0TVKA00
  Flanged CVH1300A0FVKA00
  Socket CVH1400A0SVKA00
4" Threaded CVH1400A0TVKA00
  Flanged CVH1400A0FVKA00
6" Flanged* CVH1600A0FVKA00

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