Hayward® Polypropylene ball check valves with FPM o-rings

Hayward's TC series ball check valves are available in ½" to 2" sizes in PP material having FPM o-rings.

Hayward Polypropylene Ball Check Valve

Ball Check Valve Cutaway

½" Threaded TC30050T
Socket Fusion TC30050S
DN15 Socket Fusion TC3015MS
¾" Threaded TC30075T
Socket Fusion TC30075S
DN20 Socket Fusion TC3020MS
1" Threaded TC30100T
Socket Fusion TC30100S
DN25 Socket Fusion TC3025MS
1½" Threaded TC30125T
Socket Fusion TC30150S
DN40 Socket Fusion TC3040MS
2" Threaded TC30200T
Socket Fusion TC30200S
DN50 Socket Fusion TC3050MS


  • Horizontal or Vertical-Up installation

  • Square cut ball seat for positive sealing

  • ≥ 2 PSI back pressure required for seating

  • ≥ 1½ PSI cracking pressure

  • Polypropylene body & ball

  • FPM o-rings

  • Rated for 150 PSI @ 70°F

Additional Information

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