Hayward® True Union PVC Y check valves with EPDM o-rings

Hayward's YC series Y check valves with true union bodies are available in ½" to 4" sizes in PVC material having EPDM o-rings.

Hayward true union Y check valves


  • Can install in any orientation

  • 2 ≥ 15 PSI cracking pressure

  • PVC body & ball

  • EPDM o-rings

  • Rated for 150 PSI @ 70°F

Additional Information

½" Socket YC10050SEU
Threaded YC10050TEU
¾" Socket YC10075SEU
Threaded YC10075TEU
1" Socket YC10100SEU
Threaded YC10100TEU
1¼" Socket YC10125SEU
Threaded YC10125TEU
1½" Socket YC10150SEU
Threaded YC10150TEU
2" Socket YC10200SEU
Threaded YC10200TEU
2½" Socket YC10250SEU
Threaded YC10250TEU
3" Socket YC10300SEU
Threaded YC10300TEU
4" Socket YC10400SEU
Threaded YC10400TEU

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